Chair: Pedro Pacheco
Co-Chair: Ted Duffy

There are various types of ASHRAE Membership, although the most important are:

Member, ASHRAE:
Associate, ASHRAE:
Chapter Member, Atlanta Section ASHRAE:


NEWS Flash!

 I'm happy to report that the September meeting was well received and enjoyed by our members. It's good to revisit our Standards to keep up with the ever changing technological pace. It is nice to know that other saw the value within our Society since we got new members enrolled as part of the meeting activities. Stay tuned to forthcoming meetings since the Chapter directive is looking into doing more Standard-related meetings to allow us to keep updated with minimum effort.


It's good to have so many topics to choose from. At the same time we need to know what's important to you so take minute and send feedback of which topic(s) of interest we should add to our list that will make your work easier.


Member Update Central

Let's give a warm welcome to new members. Take a minute to socialize/network with the following new members at our next meeting:


               Cameron Cook                   Craig Britnell                Wade Hughes           

               Jon Harwood                      Matt Berry                    Jaime Fernando Fernandez, Jr


On the next meeting your names will be called so we can get to know you. Other new members not listed herein will be introduced as we get to know your names. So feel free to raise your hand during our MP speech to recognize that you are present within the group.


Member Advancement

The MP team is getting ready to roll-out the Associate to Member Upgrade e-mail request. Don't worry, It's FREE!! and instructions will be provided to do so. Those Associates promoted to Member status will receive a complimentary ASHRAE pin. stay tuned, details to follow.


Remember, the Member status always looks good on business cards and helps promote your work as a serious competent professional.


Street Buzz

As our backlogs get healthy again its imperative to keep full access to your benefits, don't let them expire and renew your membership today. After all the process is nice and easy and takes little time to do so.


Thank you again for being part of our prestigious Society and especially of our Atlanta chapter, let’s work together to make our chapter the leader of the region again.




 Pedro Pacheco                                              Ted Duffy

MP Chair Atlanta Chapter                             MP Co-Chair Atlanta Chapter


e-mail any of us at:

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